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Kameli apartment


Kameli apartment


Thinking back to my childhood, I have fond memories of using my cup and saucer which was in the kitchen cabinet of our home.
It had hand painted brown and black lines on it and was a very plain shaped cup. I realized when I grew up that the design was really close to a Scandinavian one. And that cup and saucer which I still use till this day, brings me back to those reminiscent moments.


Finland, is a place which maintains its traditional nostalgia. There they value their own simplicity and know how to use quality things for a long time.
Because those things are made well and with care, everyday items like kitchen cloth can be used for quite some time as they get softer and soak up better with age.


And if finally they decide to get a new one, they bring that used cloth to the local second-hand shop.
When I travel through Finland, I actually see tons of used kitchen cloth at local flea markets and antique stores.
The Finnish way of valuing the goods they use, makes me appreciate how using one thing as long as we can, gives us the opportunity to then pass it down to the next generation with the message saying to use it with love and care.


Those products that were loved for a long time and used in every day life, never go out of style.
Not only that, with age they become more comfortable and the feeling grows on us that quality things are made to be used for a long time and not just thrown away after a little wear and tear.


Once you find products like these in your life which are worth keeping, you will see the difference and will value them even though they might not be at a bargain price.
Now I am truly realizing that it was worth every penny I spent on products like these.


In this way, living with just a bunch of stuff becomes living with things that have become an extension of the heart.


This way of living is directly in contrast to buying many low-quality things at discount stores and disposing of them quickly when they break or we find something new to replace them.


It is ideal to keep just the right amount of quality things that we need to be comfortable.


It is from this kind of ideal in which Kameli-Apartment would like to introduce you to quality products which could lighten up every day of your life for years to come.





素朴でどこか懐かしさを感じる土地 フィンランドでは、台所にある布きん一枚でも永く大切に使われるといいます。質・デザインともに上質なものは毎日使っても何度洗っても、古びてくるどころかさらにしなやかに美しくさえなっていくのです。





それは、大量消費 や 使い捨て とは逆の暮らし方。



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●11/23(水) Atelier cafe bar 誠平のコーディアルシロップを初入荷いたしました 

12/10、11(土・日) koyomi & Adriana slovo POP UP MARCHE  
沖縄・今帰仁のAtelier cafe bar 誠平のAmazing Icecreamを、神戸で!

●12/23、24(祝・土) 今年も、日な菓子のクリスマスチーズケーキを数量限定で販売いたします






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Monday, Tuesday, 1st&3rd Wednesday

Kameli apartment :
1-12-26-106 Okamoto, Higashinada,
Kobe, Japan 658-0072


6580072 神戸市東灘区岡本1丁目 12-26-106
アパートの1F、エントランスを入り 少しだけ狭い通路を抜けると奥に入り口がございます。



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